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25-05-2020  (News) Phoenix and Landia fix the mix at Leachate Lagoon    

  Landia aerators are playing an important role in the success of Yorwaste’s Harewood Whin Leachate Treatment plant, which has been extensively
14-05-2020  (News) Havfarm 1 with Landia chopper pumps on its first trip    

  PHOTO: Nordlaks   Landia has delivered three stainless steel chopper pumps through Optimar Stette, to the silage plant at the new offsh
22-04-2020  (News) Two decades on, more beefy Landia bombas for Mexico    

In Mexico, twenty years on since purchasing their first equipment from Landia, the same customer has placed a new order for 20 submersible mixers and
14-04-2020  (News) Chai to benefits of Landia AD/Biogas Digester System in Thailand    

Working closely with its partners, SMART TANK, the installation of Landia’s AD/Biogas mixing system has been completed in Namhong, south west Thailand
14-04-2020  (News) Aeration tank organic overload resolved by Landia mixers    

The introduction of five Landia mixers has brought about significant improvements to the biological and dewatering processes at the recently upgraded