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Self-priming propeller aerators where the air, and therefore the oxygen, is automatically sucked down through a tube and dissolved in the wastewater by means of a rapidly rotating propeller.


Application areas for Landia's PODBI propeller are typically

  • Aeration of wastewater or sludge

  • Combined mixing and aerating

  • Eliminating odours from wastewater - wastewater is kept fresh

  • Additional aeration during peak periods

  • Aeration of industrial wastewater

  • Cleaning/flushing of counter basins 


Benefits include the following

  • Can be mounted in a full tank

  • Simultaneous aerating and mixing

  • Self-priming down to 13' - no need for supply of compressed air

  • Low noise levels

  • Landia's PODB-I propeller aerators are available in stainless steel


Landia PODB-I propeller aerator in brief

  • Motor sizes from 3.6 - 30.2 HP

  • Self-priming down to 13' - no need for supply of compressed air

  • Available in acid resistant steel for aggressive fluids

  • Available with Ex-proof motors





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