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Landia chopper pumps
– perfected since 1950...


Landia developed their first chopper pumps in 1950. A chopper pump is a pump with rotating knives at the inlet of the pump, - a knife system which ensures that the pump does not stop due to impurities in the fluid being pumped.


Originally, Landia's chopper pump was designed to chop straw, which was always present in liquid manure and gave rise to breakdowns and problems.


Landia chopper pumps are still used extensively for pumping liquid manure but over the years have also won recognition for their excellence in other industries where there is a need for trouble-free pumping of e.g. untreated wastewater, sludge, liquid biomass, by-products from the food industry or highly abrasive fluids.


Most of Landia's chopper pumps can also be obtained in acid proof steel for pumping fluids with low or high pH.


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