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LANDIA Side entry MIXERS model POPTR-I


The Landia POPTR-I is a flexible and efficient mixer typically used for mixing liquids with a high dry-matter content, such as fish silage.


A POPTR-I mixer is installed through the side of the tank, meaning that all service and maintenance can be performed from the outside. The tank does not need to be emptied and the mixer does not need to be removed from the tank. The Landia POPTR-I can be installed in most kinds of tanks – both concrete as well as steel tanks.


A Landia mixer is always adjusted to the specific task and is delivered with installation equipment that ensures a long service life and safe handling.



Landia side entry mixer model POPTR-I:

  • Motor sizes between 9.0 - 30.2 HP

  • Propeller diameter: 22" - 33"

  • Speed 360 rpm

  • All parts that are in contact with the liquid are made of acid resistant steel



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