Landia Gator Series

- Drop-in Choppin'

The Landia Gator Series offers a range of heavy-duty chopper pumps and jet aerators,
which eliminate these troublesome build-ups and prevent pump failures and lift station clogging. 

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Eradicate large debris, rags, and wet wipes

Eliminate odors and H2S

Break up and prevent scum layers 


The Original Drop-in Chopper Pump Lift Station Solution

  • Effortless installation
  • Homogenizes raw influent for ideal pumping conditions
  • Eliminates sedimentation through effective mixing


All the Perks of the Original, Plus Air!

  • Venturi nozzle self-aspirates and injects air into the sewage
  • Turbulent air mixing eliminates grease layers 
  • Reduces or eliminates odors and H2S


The Easiest Way to Add Air to Oxidation Ditches

  • Drop-in installation without draining the ditch
  • Aerate from the bottom up instead of from the top down
  • Scour debris sitting on the bottom of the tank

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