Overhaul of digester mixing system delivers better biogas yields


Chris French




January 12, 2024

Eco Verde Energy (EVE), a key player in the renewable energy sector, faced a significant challenge with its Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant located in Holton, Suffolk. This facility, integral to converting organic waste into biogas, experienced a marked decline in productivity and efficiency. The situation necessitated an urgent response to not only revive the plant's operations but also to enhance its overall performance.


Eco Verde Energy (EVE) faced declining biogas production at its Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant in Holton, Suffolk. The plant, crucially fed by the adjacent Bernard Matthews poultry facility, had seen its output drop significantly under various operators, leading to a complete operational halt for an overhaul.

The primary issues were outdated and inadequate equipment, including mixers that couldn't be serviced easily, contributing to operational inefficiencies and downtime.


EVE's Site Manager, Kris Martin, spearheaded an extensive upgrade of the plant. This involved draining the primary digester to address faults and installing new submersible mixers and chopper pumps from Landia.

Unlike previous units, these new installations allowed for easy maintenance, including simple lifting for services like oil changes. Landia's equipment was chosen for its durability and suitability for the plant's specific needs, ensuring a more reliable and efficient operation.


The upgrade led to a significant increase in biogas yields. The new equipment provided a more stable and continuous operation, with improved mixing and feeding mechanisms.

This not only enhanced the efficiency of the biogas production process but also reduced the operational challenges that were previously faced. The plant could now manage a variety of feedstocks more effectively, maintaining a steady feed and maximizing biogas yields.



The successful overhaul of EVE's AD plant in Holton highlights the importance of selecting the right equipment for specific operational needs.

By choosing Landia's mixers and pumps, EVE was able to overcome the challenges of outdated and inefficient equipment, leading to improved biogas production and operational stability.

This case study demonstrates the impact of strategic investments in technology and equipment on the sustainability and efficiency of renewable energy plants.





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