Landia GasMix for biogas

Landia GasMix is a groundbreaking mixing system designed for anaerobic digesters (biogas reactors) in biogas plants.

The system has all its mechanical components located outside the tank, thus allowing all service to be performed on the GasMix system without first opening or emptying the tank. This provides obvious advantages in terms of safety, and there is also an economic benefit, as production can continue unhindered during any service work.

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Achieve better biogas quality with GasMix

Landia GasMix contributes to better biogas quality and higher methane yield. Mixing is done by recirculating a mixture of liquid and biogas in the tank.

It has been documented that the GasMix system leads to an increased reduction of volatile solids, and as a result you achieve higher biogas production. The system can be used with most tank types and for tank volumes up to approx. 350,000 ft³ and for biomasses with solids concentrations up to 14% TS.

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Case studies - Landia GasMix


Overhaul of digester mixing system delivers better biogas yields

Eco Verde Energy's revamped Anaerobic Digestion plant in Suffolk now boasts higher biogas yields thanks to Landia's superior mixers and pumps. This significant upgrade, overcoming past inefficiencies, marks a leap in renewable energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Retrofit of digester mixers helps Biosciences Institute boost gas yields by 15-25%

Discover AFBI Hillsborough's biogas success with Landia GasMix: 15-25% higher yields, efficient sludge control, and enhanced energy performance.

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New digester mixing system delivers better yields for Eco Verde Energy (EVE)

Online, one can find no end of advice on mixing systems for biogas digesters; often going into great detail about impeller designs, speeds and angles – but away from the office desk, speak to a Plant Manager or AD operator, and they’ll soon tell you that even the best mixing system in the world isn’t something that they want – inside the tank.

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Mixing matters for Eco’s sustainable solution

Comprehensive mixing of biogas digesters is playing a crucial role at one of the most dynamic and well-run food-waste-to-energy facilities in Europe.

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Over 43 per cent more gas (!) as Hayley Group wows customer with new AD/Biogas mixing system

A leading food waste-to-energy operation has increased its biogas yields by an average of more than 43% - due to a new digester mixing system.

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Mix to the max at Yorkshire Water’s major new Energy & Recycling Facility

At Yorkshire Water’s new £50M Huddersfield Energy and Recycling Facility (E&RF), the digester mixing system from Whitchurch-based Landia is ensuring that total gas production can reach its anticipated 22,192Nm³/d (normal cubic meter/day).

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Food waste pump proves itself at largest University Biogas Plant

At the largest University campus AD/Biogas plant in the United States, a chopper pump made by Landia has now completed eight years of continuous robust service, despite the very tough environment of being in a food waste and FOG (fats, oils and greases) reception pit.

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A Better Blend

An automated mixing system helps an Illinois treatment plant improve biogas production and increase volatile solids destruction.

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Pioneering farmer shows pig industry the benefits of renewables

A pioneering pig farm in North Carolina, US, that has led the way in its industry for embracing renewable technologies, has reported a 10% plus increase in its biogas yields by investing in two new chopper pumps made by Landia.

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Landia Digester Mixing System increases biogas by 20 percent

At the multi-award-winning Downers Grove Wastewater Treatment Center in Illinois, the Landia’s GasMix digester mixing system has increased biogas production by approximately 20 percent.

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A strong partner with extensive experience in biogas

You will not find anyone who has more experience with pumping and mixing solutions for anaerobic digestion than Landia. We have been involved since the biogas industry’s infancy in Denmark, and today you will find Landia products in biogas plants worldwide. The biogas industry is growing year by year and we are keeping pace. 
When you contact Landia, you will speak with employees who know the industry, including some who have worked in biogas plants themselves.

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