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The MPTKR-I pump is a highly efficient chopper pump ideal for many different applications. The MPTKR-I is made of acid resistant steel for aggressive liquids with a low pH value. Compared to the DGR-I submersible pump, only the actual pump housing is made of acid resistant steel, as the motor does not have any contact with the liquid.


All MPTKR-I pumps are equipped with a knife system at the pump intake, which ensures hassle-free operation under conditions where many other pumps have problems with clogging.


The MPTKR-I pump in brief:

  • Motor sizes between 0.9 - 48.9 HP

  • 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4", 6" pump outlet

  • Capacity of up to 2100 GPM

  • Pump pressure up to 87 psi

  • Supplied as standard with knife system at pump inlet

  • Available with specially hardened pump parts for abrasive fluids

  • Can be supplied in acid resistant steel for aggressive fluids

  • Available with Ex-proof motors


Landia tørtopstillet knivpumpe type MPTKR-I



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