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Silaging on a factory trawler from the faroe islands

In September 2016, Landia supplied both chopper pumps and a mixer to an entirely new, integrated silage system onboard the Faroese factory trawler Akraberg. Equipped with this new system, the trawler will be able to produce large amounts of fish silage.


Landia has delivered three stainless submersible chopper pumps that will handle chopping the bi-products from the factory on the trawler. Landia also delivered a stainless mixer to make sure the processed silage stays homogenous in the tanks.


One of the chopper pumps was delivered as a high pressure pump, and besides the chopping, it will ensure a simple unloading of the finished fish silage.


What is fish silage?

Fish silage is a bi-product from the fishing industry, and as the name implies, it consists of chopped fish and fish parts that cannot be used for regular food products. An acid preservative is added to the mixture in order to prevent bacteria from developing.



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