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About Landia GasMix


Landia GasMix is a unique mixing system for anaerobic tanks on biogas plants - commonly known as reactor tanks or digesters. 

Economic benefits using Landia GasMix

All the mechanical components of the Landia GasMix are located outside the tank. It is not necessary to open the tank for servicing or when repairing the Landia GasMix system. Beyond the safety benefit of never having to open a tank of gas, there are naturally also economic benefits: the production of biogas can continue running unimpeded during a GasMix system service!
Mixing using the Landia GasMix works by means of a mixture of liquid and biogas being circulated in the tank. This keeps the tank mixed, as well as contributes towards a better quality of biogas with a resulting higher production of biogas.


The below video illustrates the operation of the Landia GasMix



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