The Danish Water Technology Alliance

The Danish Water Technology Alliance (WTA) is a Danish outreach program providing specialized know-how on innovative water technology solutions. The Alliance is a part of The Trade Council at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and the partners include public Danish water utilities, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and leading technology and service providers. 

The main goal of the WTA is to build bridges between the North American and Danish water sector with the aim of sharing Danish know-how and foster collaboration.

Through local visits, the WTA provides specialized knowledge about Danish solutions, covering the whole water cycle from water distribution, water resource management, wastewater treatment, and sewer systems.

The WTA hosts workshops and seminars locally in North America and invite North American stakeholders on dedicated fact finding trips to Denmark – to see and experience solutions in operation and meet colleagues abroad. Furthermore, the WTA facilitates and supports collaboration, pilot- and flagship projects.

The Water Technology Alliance


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