New pump brings classic aeration solution to Timothy Taylor’s


Chris French




February 23, 2023

Following an intensive 5-day survey of its wastewater treatment process, the highly renowned brewery, *Timothy Taylor’s (family-owned since its founding in 1858) has upgraded its aeration process by introducing the AirJet system from Landia.

The survey, which was conducted by leading wastewater treatment provider, Ogden Water, found that the pumps used for the brewery’s 45mbalance tank were not providing enough agitation to adequately keep solids in suspension.

Nick Berkovits, Second Brewer at Timothy Taylor’s added: “Ogden Water’s rigorous survey showed that an upgrade to superior aeration equipment would eliminate odours caused by solids not being sufficiently suspended, and also provide a much more consistent homogenous feed to our DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) unit”.

Designed with a venturi nozzle from the Chopper Pump that Landia invented in 1950, the AirJet aeration system was recommended by Ogden Water as the best and long-lasting solution.

“We’d previously used Landia’s pumps and mixers,” continued Ogden Water’s David Shepherd. “They are extremely effective, as well as being easy to maintain – and with a typical lifetime of at least 15-20 years, are a very sound, peace of mind investment for our customers”.

Simultaneously mixing and aerating, the Landia AirJet is an uncomplicated system that introduces air automatically to keep wastewater fresh; economically delivering dissolved oxygen at depths of up to 7.5m, to provide complete aeration

Nick Berkovits from Timothy Taylor’s, commented: “It’s fair to say that before the installation of the Landia AirJet, the performance of our DAF was being compromised. We also had the time and cost of having to use chemicals to address odours. But now, through the expert advice we’ve received from Ogden Water, and the success of what is a first-class aeration system from Landia, our wastewater treatment system is operating very well indeed”.


At Daphne Utilities, the top priority is always to provide a reliable wastewater collection and treatment system that supports the needs of its community, protects the environment and quality of life for all Eastern Shore residents, and meets or surpasses all federal and state requirements. The Daphne Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) can treat up to 4.17 million gallons of wastewater per day (MGD) but has the hydraulic capacity to process up to 9 MGD. The facility serves approximately 12,000 homes/businesses and treats an average of 3 million gallons of wastewater every day. 

Extensive pipe and collection system cleaning is in place, as well as a comprehensive pre-treatment/grease management program to combat fats, oils, and grease (FOG). This includes the requirement for grease interceptor devices at all food service establishments and for car wash establishments to have sand/oil interceptors.



*In 1858, Timothy Taylor opened his brewery in Cook Lane, Keighley, Yorkshire, England.  A year later, he bought his first pub, The Volunteers Arms.

Today, Timothy Taylor’s brewery sits upon a particularly pure and consistent source of water (the Knowle Spring), that is the unique source for its beers – and key, for example as to why its much-loved ‘Boltmaker’ has been crowned Supreme Champion Beer of Great Britain at the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) Great British Beer Festival.

Water from the Knowle Spring has filtered over time through layers of sandstone and black rock, to create the special mineral qualities that marry perfectly with Timothy Taylor’s Golden Promise barley malt. This unique combination is the foundation of the complex flavour and subtlety of the brewery’s most popular beer, Landlord.

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