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Landia long-shaft chopper pump model MPG-I


As a unique feature, the long-shaft MPG-I pump has the inlet on top of the pump housing. Together with the fan housing which is mounted on the pump shaft, this means that the MPG-I pump can pump fluids with a substantially higher content of solid material than most other pumps. Perfect for heavily contaminated fluids or fluids with a high content of fibre in the form of straw, grass etc. often found in biogas plants.


Our long-shaft pumps are always customised


All MGP-I pumps are equipped with a knife system at the inlet of the pump and can be supplied with fixed or adjustable nozzle for recirculation or mixing.


The MPG-I pump is available up to 15' m in length and in cast iron or acid resistant steel. All MGP-I pumps are customised.


Landia long-shaft pumps in brief:

  • Motor sizes from 0.9 - 48.9 HP

  • Pump sizes: 4”, 5” and 6”

  • Capacity of up to 2,000 GPM

  • Pump pressures up to 80 ft.

  • Cast iron or acid resistant steel


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